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Indices Instruments

Trading indices online is a great way to speculate on the world’s top financial markets and keep abreast of the top stock markets. Raw Forex offers one of the largest ranges of stock indices of any online broker, covering markets around the globe.

What Are Indices?

Stock index CFDs are financial instruments that represent the value of the underlying publicly-traded companies. One leading index is the S&P 500, which reflects the collective value of top companies trading on the NYSE. If the overall value of those companies’ shares rises, the price of the S&P 500 will go up.

Wide selection

There are also indices that represent smaller companies trading on the NYSE, as well as indices for various stock exchanges around the world, from Chinese HSI, Japan’s NIKKEI to Germany’s DAX and Dutch AEX. Our selection of stock index CFDs includes the most popular and frequently traded indices in the industry today.

Accessible trading tools

We want our offering to be one of the best and that’s why we provide our account holders with a set of free research tools for better-informed trading decisions. Make the most of your investing strategy with Raw Forex. If you want to try it out first without risking your own money, you can learn how to trade on a Demo account.